Is The Grass Greener On The Other Side?

People have asked me about my take on wheatgrass, especially when used in a smoothie.  First off, wheatgrass is simply wheatgrass the prepared cotyledon of the wheat plant; it is usually found in powder form.  Whether or not you believe that it is as great as people say it is, wheatgrass is proven to be a good source of important nutrients such as vitamins A,C,E, iron, calcium, amino acids, etc.  So from that stand point, it can’t hurt to ingest wheatgrass (in moderation of course).  However, there are many additional claims on the benefits of wheatgrass including managing cholesterol and high blood pressure, losing weight, promoting digestion, detoxing, etc.  It is also used in alternative healing methods to combat cancer, arthritis, and diabetes.  These additional claims, while a possibility, have not been rigorously tested by scientists.  Despite this, wheatgrass is still good for you and if you can stand the taste, you should try it.

Now for the preparation of ingesting wheatgrass, it is commonly used in its juice form or in powder form.  The powder form is used so that you can mix it with other liquids/smoothies.  Personally, I prefer just mixing wheatgrass powder with water.  It is simple and effective as you don’t have to pull out a blender and other ingredients.  Be warned, people I have talked to don’t like the taste of wheatgrass and try to mask it with other items (such as putting it in a smoothie with other fruits, vegetables, etc).  However, this process introduces a lot of calories that could have otherwise been avoided.  Calories are not bad but excess certainly is.  On a personal note, I find mdownloadixing other flavors with wheatgrass to be worse than straight drinking wheatgrass with water as the combined flavors leaves a very strange aftertaste in my mouth.  As i said before, that just a personal opinion and I urge you all to try different methods of ingesting that works for you.  I drink wheatgrass usually on an empty stomach especially first thing in the morning and before dinner.  This helps my digestive process start working and thus helps digest later meals.

That is all on my take on wheatgrass!  I would love to hear about your experience with wheatgrass or any other form of supplement so please leave a comment below.


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