“Summer loving happend so fast”…and so does heat stroke

I will now talk about something that is not exclusively about exercise or health living but rather safety.  As the temperature rises during wXejlBdthe summer season so does the risk of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat strokes.  Heat cramps are the painful cramps of large muscle group due to electrolyte depletion, dehydration, hyperventilation, and/or over exertion.  Heat exhaustion is a result of excessive heat and dehydration.  Whereas, heat stroke is the failure of the body’s cooling system and life threatening.  Be familiar with the symptoms and be prepared to act.  For heat cramps, symptoms typically improve with rest, water, and a cool environment.  People suffering from heat exhaustion should be initially moved to a cooler environment (indoors with AC, cool shade), loosening any tight clothing, cooling the skin by wetting and fanning, and by re-hyoscheat22drating the patient. Those with severe heat exhaustion may need intravenous fluid (please call emergency services if you believe this to be the case).  In the situation of someone experiencing a heat stroke, rapid cooling with ice packs, removal of heavy or restrictive clothing (usually tight exercise clothing), and treatment for shock should be started immediately.  If you are ever in doubt, EMS should be called to transport the victim to a hospital as it is more important to be safe than sorry.