“Summer loving happend so fast”…and so does heat stroke

I will now talk about something that is not exclusively about exercise or health living but rather safety.  As the temperature rises during wXejlBdthe summer season so does the risk of heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat strokes.  Heat cramps are the painful cramps of large muscle group due to electrolyte depletion, dehydration, hyperventilation, and/or over exertion.  Heat exhaustion is a result of excessive heat and dehydration.  Whereas, heat stroke is the failure of the body’s cooling system and life threatening.  Be familiar with the symptoms and be prepared to act.  For heat cramps, symptoms typically improve with rest, water, and a cool environment.  People suffering from heat exhaustion should be initially moved to a cooler environment (indoors with AC, cool shade), loosening any tight clothing, cooling the skin by wetting and fanning, and by re-hyoscheat22drating the patient. Those with severe heat exhaustion may need intravenous fluid (please call emergency services if you believe this to be the case).  In the situation of someone experiencing a heat stroke, rapid cooling with ice packs, removal of heavy or restrictive clothing (usually tight exercise clothing), and treatment for shock should be started immediately.  If you are ever in doubt, EMS should be called to transport the victim to a hospital as it is more important to be safe than sorry.

BMI in Shape?

Hello all, today we will talk about our weight, specifically our Body Mass Index (BMI).  Whenever we go in to the doctor, they take our height and weight, consult a chart, and define us as “normal”, “overweight”, etc. Now I am by NO means bashing on our medical professionals (they work really hard by the way) but I do have to disagree with their cut and dry analysis on this matteBMI-chartr. The reason I put the previous words in quotation marks is because the result on the chart is such a one dimensional answer to a truly complicated question: Am I Overall Healthy and Fit?

Body weight alone is not a good indicator of overall health and fitness.  Total body weight alone does not show the ratio between lean body mass (non fat components such as muscle, bones, etc) and fat mass (essential and non essential fat).  Rather than use the BMI chart, use body composition instead.  First off, having fat mass, especially essential body fat, is important.  This fat protects delicate organs, provides insulation, and helps nerve conduction.  In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends that optimal health males should have 10-18% of the body weight as body fat, and females have 15-23% body fat.  Now you ask how do you determine your body fat percent? First off, you will need to by andownload (4) Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) device ( seen to the left…it can be bought on amazon for a fair price).  The BIA device well help give you your body fat percentage without being invasive or requiring skills or training.  Once you have the device, follow these steps:

  1. Weigh your self.
  2. Use the BIA device before you eat and smoke and avoid vigorous activity 24 hours prior to the test.
  3. Do this test multiple (2-3) times to ensure an accurate measurement.
  4. Take the percentage and multiply against your body weight to get your body fat weight.
  5. Take your body fat weight and subtract it from your body weight; this will get you your Lean Body Mass

See pretty simple!  As a rule of thumb, you want to increase your Lean Body Mass while reducing your Body Fat Weight.  So, if you decided to diet and see a rapid loss of body weight, you are probably just losing water weight and lean body mass; that is NOT healthy in the long run.  Remember, body weight does not reflect how in shape you are.woman-weight-loss-comparison

To round everything off, the best way to increase your Lean Body Mass is to do a combination of aerobic exercise, resistance training, and a healthy, well rounded diet (carbs and all).  So they next time you step on a scale ask your self, “Am I ACTUALLY in Shape?”


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H2-Oh I should drink more

I remember the first time I read the phrase “thirst is not always an indication of hydration”.  I had to stop and think about the meaning because I always thought if my body needed water it would indicate this by inducinlxpu-1432506798-133948-fullg thirst and it could easily be quenched with other liquids like tea, shakes, and smoothies.  Considering that adult human bodies are around over 60% water; this thirst signal is very, very important and telling.   Despite the fact that we know how important it is to quench our thirst, we do not have to be dehydrated to actually be thirsty.  There are many reasons that your body can be dehydrated yet not thirsty including medical conditions such as diabetes.  There are guidelines fDiapositiva08or how much water to consume and when which can be hard to follow.   For example, you should drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.  Imagine not drinking any liquids for 6-10 hours.   That is what your body goes through when you sleep!  Drinking water first thing in the morning not only re-hydrates your body but also kick starts your metabolism (helps you lose weight), makes you feel not as hungry (still do not skip breakfast!!), energizes your brain as it need water as fuel, and flushes out toxins.  When you work out, you should constantly drink water: from your warm ups to post workout especially if you sweat a lot.  Many scientist and nutritionists suggest that download (3)an average person should drink about half a gallon of water a day; you tend to drink more if you exercise more or live in a hot climate and vice versa if you are more sedentary or live in colder climates. However, like all things in life, do it in moderation.  Do not drink too much water as that can make you feel ill.  If it is hot outside or if you ever feel the need to guzzle water, stop and drink slowly.   Secondly, while tea, smoothies, fitness shakes, and even coffee can be beneficial and feel as though you are quenching your thirst, nothing beats water and they should not replace it in your daily liquid intake.  All in all, I think the bottom line is to know your body (and of course listen to your body) and remember that drinking water is not just necessary for survival but can help us be healthier as stated above.

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